Emma's way : Join gigi on this Extraordinary Mission


OUR GOAL - Start planning 2020

Gigis Domains to Fund Emmas Way

Gigis Domains to Fund Emmas Way

Our Goal is to Raise $33,000,000 in the Next 5 years. We will be on a World Wide mission to help where help is needed.

We are hoping to start Emmas way by the beginning of next year after GODS.Auction

an auction presented by Gigis Domians that share powerful messages, ideas and new names for your passions. for creating your NEW YOU and to help the world! If I can help in any way this is my creative way.

 If you don't have a business in 10 years online and bringing you full or additional income.  I am thinking you will Face severe financial difficulties .. 

Most of us face this already. Be Ready.

Let Gigi help you: Go To GigisDomains.Com

To learn and follow. If I can do it, anybody can... It will be like a welcome infectious Disease that breeds quickly. It leaves a trail of love, creativity, hope and faith. 

Peace, Love and Hugs world.


Gigis Domains to Fund Emmas Way

Gigis Domains to Fund Emmas Way

Gigis Domains to Fund Emmas Way

Gigi's Domains will be focusing on different ways to Fund Emmasway.com in its entirety as a Global Effort! I will be looking for Emma's Angel Army of Volunteers to find the organizations who are in search of making a difference: War, Poverty, Homelessness, Children's welfare, Health, Food, Pollutions, Oceans, Deforestation, Global Warming, Water as life, Freedom of speech, government and all that we have created in Society that keeps us suppressed, oppressed and  keep us asleep. WHEEEW..   Anything that affects the Earth and ALL PEOPLE will be our canvas for Salvation...

Life is a Journey Everyday

Each Day of your life can be different and Have meaning.

The simplest idea can change an entire life

Emmas Way is the next step in my promise to continue My daughters efforts to make a difference in our fragile World. Emma J Foley, My daughter and true soul mate, Gods muse,  one of the brightest Stars in the Sky... I promise... Gigi


Our Missions

Gigis Domains to Fund Emmas Way

Our Missions


Our mission so far is finding those

 who are waking up and who need an alarm to get motivated with understanding...

Connecting the World One Message at at Time... Gigi's Domains presents Domain Auctions with a Cause

YOU GET SEVERAL CHANCES IN THE LIFE TO MAKE A Difference but most of us are blinded by our own lives, needs, wants and excuses that these precious chances are left unheard or unseen because your are not listening nor seeing with your heart. You must CHANGE your perspective to Change you LIFE. I believe this is why we are here 

Some Can Talk to Angels... Do you hear them...

  Listen to my collections of Wise Warriors on Youtube. They will help you begin your inner journey.

Gods.Auction Sneak Preview


I randomly grab, cut and paste my videos. Literally this was my first or second video (I was learning and still am)and I just wanted to show www.Organic.Family  (BO over 50k) but check it out and you be the judge. It will mean something different for everyone. Lets WAKE UP NOW… Please see my Wise Warrior Playlist on YouTube to begin your journey. ......

a collection of messages, thoughts, aspirations, visions, reality and knowledge that we all wish were our main topics of conversations in school. These are all written with gtldomains... My Freedom of Speech.  If we understood some of the we would not be so lost and afraid now. 

The suites (nice way to say assholes who control all and hide all) kept and will continue to keep us in the dark as we are all numbers in thier system and dismissable. They do not belive that not all human life is equal.  My daughter was a number and was a part of a quota (loss) that was accounted for and expected. Are your children numbers too. 

What is not realized (they don't listen) is that they are most likely the ones at the bottom of the food chain once we wake up and all is done…  Those Tallies are astronomical.

I put Crystals.live  as the cover of this video so the Domain Will be a blessed guide for us- it will find you ....The Energy of it seeks Peace, Wisdom and self actualization.

I am  looking for my guardian Angel to fund my advertising while I work on the Creative side of this. I use money as a tool and It freaks me out thinking about it.  Also as an Empath  (I guess this is the best tag for me) I truly suck at Social Networking. ARE YOU My Guardian Angel ? If so you will know it immediately.  Please hurry gigi@dragonflies.live  Lets step into the future of light toegether. I will share everything. As I will give anyone  an additional 10% of my already commited 100% of this mission. (see Above) That is how much I know that I am doing exactly what I am supposed to do because... I listen... Peace.

Rock and Roll will never DIE!



23 hrs · 

Included with BUY Now price: wwwRockandRolllive, www. Scorpions. live, Rolling-Stones .live in memory of the Rock and Roll Era... (Concerts were gatherings of souls and the experiences were always magical.)
Long Live Rock and Roll .. Play an instrument for Therapy of your soul.. or buy this Domain and live the dream... or just keep as an investment
Check TM = You must not represent yourself as these bands using these domain names... Unless of course you are the band or have permissions. Peace.auction
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