Emmas Way

If you build it THEY WILL COME!
We are ALL ONE!!!!


Emmasway : This site will be updated with events, ideas and auctions soon.

OUR GOAL - Start planning 2020


Our Goal is to Raise $33,000,000 in the Next 5 years. We will be on a World Wide mission to help where help is needed.

We are hoping to start Emmas way by the beginning of next year after GODS.Auction

an auction presented by Gigis Domians that share powerful messages, ideas and new names for your passions. for creating your NEW YOU and to help the world! If I can help in any way this is my creative way.

 If you don't have a business in 10 years online and bringing you full or additional income.  I am thinking you will Face severe financial difficulties .. 

Most of us face this already. Be Ready.

Let Gigi help you: Go To GigisDomains.Com

To learn and follow. If I can do it, anybody can... It will be like a welcome infectious Disease that breeds quickly. It leaves a trail of love, creativity, hope and faith. 

Peace, Love and Hugs world.

Gigis Domains to Fund Emmas Way


Gigi's Domains will be focusing on different ways to Fund Emmasway.com in its entirety as a Global Effort! I will be looking for Emma's Angel Army of Volunteers to find the organizations who are in search of making a difference: War, Poverty, Homelessness, Children's welfare, Health, Food, Pollutions, Oceans, Deforestation, Global Warming, Water as life, Freedom of speech, government and all that we have created in Society that keeps us suppressed, oppressed and  keep us asleep. WHEEEW..   Anything that affects the Earth and ALL PEOPLE will be our canvas for Salvation...

Life is a Journey Everyday

Each Day of your life can be different and Have meaning.

The simplest idea can change an entire life

Emmas Way is the next step in my promise to continue My daughters efforts to make a difference in our fragile World. Emma J Foley, My daughter and true soul mate, Gods muse,  one of the brightest Stars in the Sky... I promise... Gigi

Our Missions


Our mission so far is finding those

 who are waking up and who need an alarm to get motivated with understanding...

Connecting the World One Message at at Time... Gigi's Domains presents Domain Auctions with a Cause

YOU GET SEVERAL CHANCES IN THE LIFE TO MAKE A Difference but most of us are blinded by our own lives, needs, wants and excuses that these precious chances are left unheard or unseen because your are not listening nor seeing with your heart. You must CHANGE your perspective to Change you LIFE. I believe this is why we are here